Calibration & equipment


We have the ability to calibrate an extensive range of single tendon stressing equipment, beam testers and cube crushers.  

For the stressing jacks we have a maximum capacity of 18mm Strand with a loading of 260kN and for beam tester, the same loading capacity applies.  To ensure the correct loading is applied within all your prestressed products, equipment needs to be calibrated on a regular basis. All our calibrations are traceable to the National Physical Laboratory and complies to ISO:9001.


For cube crushers the maximum capacity is up to 2000kN with the proviso that there is a minimum of 200mm air gap between the platens.

The unit shown is a specially designed calibration control unit, which is suitable for calibrating most prestressing jacks. It features a dual range (160kN & 260kN) digital LCD readout and special centralising collars for use with systems up to 18mm/260kN. It is supplied in an injection moulded heavy duty case complete with centralising collars to suit customer wire/strand requirements. The meter is self powered using easily replaceable standard 1.5 Volt type AA batteries. The non-rechargeable battery saver system will automatically shut down after 15 minutes if the unit is not used. When switched back on it will memorise reading of both Peak and Tare indefinitely. Typical battery life is 100 hours, with a minimum 50 hours.

Certificate Vault

One of the commonest requests we get is
"We've lost our certificate, we have an audit, could you please send us a copy?" 

We are happy to do this - even if it means looking back over many years with only a serial number and a vague date! 

Most documentation is supplied as a .pdf file although we may also supply as a spreadsheet or scanned picture.


We are able to source a vast range of prestressing equipment including grips, jack & pump sets & lifting accessories.

We can also supply specialist machinery e.g. bed cleaners or T-Beam turners.


Please contact us with your requirements.